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Project History

United Resource has been active in the energy conservation field for over 22 years.

Projects have been successfully completed in over 7,000 buildings spread from coast to coast.

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School Projects

Solon School System
Solon, Ohio
Project Date: June 1994
East Cleveland Schools
East Cleveland, Ohio
Project Date: June 1997
Solon School System East Cleveland Schools
Project scope:
  • Complete Investment Grade Audit.
  • Install new T-8 fixtures
  • Design & install gym lighting
  • Retrofit fluorescent to electronic T-8 lighting
  • Layout & install motion Sensors
  • Design & install new decorative metal halide fixtures
  • Install new ceilings
  • Project scope:
  • Install new T-8 Fixtures
  • Design & install gym lighting
  • Retrofit off fluorescent to electronic T-8 lighting
  • Install New Ceilings
  • Install new compact Fluorescents
  • Other School Clients
    Amherst City Schools
    Berkshire Local Schools
    Berlin-Milan Schools
    Conneaut City Schools
    Mayfield Schools
    Polaris Vocational School
    Sheffield Lake Schools
    Beachwood Schools
    Chagrin Falls Schools
    Coblents City Schools
    Long Beach Island Schools
    Poland Local Schools
    Rootstown Local Schools

    University projects

    College of Podiatry Medicine
    Philadelphia, Pa
    Project Date: July, 1994
    Cleveland State University
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Project Date: September, 1996
    College of Podiatry Medicine CSU
    Project scope:
  • Retrofit fluorescent to T-8 electronic lighting
  • Install custom reflectors in existing 2x4 fixtures
  • Install Exit Sign Conversions
  • Project scope:
  • Install fluorescent dimming in classrooms
  • Convert Mercury Vapor to
  • Install new LED Exit Signs
  • Convert existing fluorescent to T-8 electronic lighting.
  • Other Clients
    Ashland College Allegheny College
    Burlington Community College
    Lakeland Community College
    Kent State University
    Ocean County Community College

    State Government Projects

    James A Rhodes State Office Tower
    Columbus, Ohio
    Project Date: May 2000
    Vern Riffe State Office Tower
    Columbus, Ohio
    Project Date: December 1999
    Rhodes Riffe
    Project scope:
  • Retrofit 17,142 fluorescent fixtures to electronic T-8
  • Install 443 new fixtures
  • Install new drop ceilings
  • Install 1717 motion sensors
  • Project scope:
  • Retrofit 11,300 fluorescent fixtures to electronic T-8
  • Convert 9950 2x2 fixtures from 3 lamp to 2 lamp
  • Install 1200 motion sensor controls
  • Other Clients
    Cuyahoga County Board of Mental Retardation
    City of Massillon
    Ohio Dept of Transportation
    Summit County Administration Buildings
    Lauche State Office Building
    Oliver Ocasek State Office Building
    Ohio Department of Transportation

    Federal Government Projects

    Metcalf Federal Building
    Chicago, Illinois
    Project Date: June 1996
    Army Corps of Engineers
    Huntsville, Alabama
    June 1997
    Army Corps of Engineers Army Corps of Engineers
    Project scope:
  • Retrofit fluorescent fixtures to T-8 technology,
  • Clean all existing fixtures
  • Install new LED exit signs
  • Project scope:
    Completed turn-key lighting upgrade for the Department of the Army at 14 Bases including:
  • Completion of an Investment Grade Audit,
  • Lighting Design,
  • Retrofit of existing fluorescent to T-8 technology,
  • Installation of new high-efficiency fixtures,
  • Custom design of fixtures for unique applications,
  • Installation of motion sensors,
  • Installation of LED Exit Signs.
  • Other Clients
    Ft. Bliss, Tx
    Carlisle Barracks, PA
    Ft Dix, NJ
    Dirksen Federal Bldg, Ill.
    Ft Drum, NY
    Fed. Bldg-Akron, OH
    Fed. Building-Cleveland, OH
    Ft Gillem, GA
    Ft. Gordon, GA
    Los Angles ARC
    Ft Mcpherson, GA
    NASA Lewis Space Center
    Oakland, ARC
    Parks, ARC
    Phoenix, ARC
    Ft. Stewart, GA
    San Jose, ARC
    San Diego, ARC.

    Hospital Projects

    Timken Mercy Hospital
    Canton, Ohio
    Community Medical Center
    Tom's River, New Jersey
    Project Date: October 1995
    Timken Community Medical Center
    Project scope:
  • Retrofit existing fluorescent to T-8 electronic technology (qty:13,200)
  • Convert 3 lamp fixtures to 2 lamp with reflector
  • Install new mini-fluorescent drum fixtures to replace incandescent
  • Project scope:
  • Retrofit existing fluorescent to T-8 electronic technology (qty: 3,950)
  • Other Clients
    Akron City Hospital
    The Cleveland Clinic
    Lakewood Hospital
    Massillon Community Hospital
    US Army Hospital, Ft. McPherson, GA
    Bellfaire Boys Home
    Fairview General Hospital
    Parma Community Hospital
    Southwest General Hospital
    US Army Hospital, Ft. Drum, NY


    Outokumpu American Brass
    Buffalo, New York
    December 1994
    Ferry Cap & Set Screw Co.
    Cleveland, Ohio
    December 1992
    Outokumpu Ferry Cap and Screw
    Project scope:
  • Complete Investment Grade Audit
  • Retrofit fluorescent lighting to T-8 electronic
  • Install new industrial T-8 fixtures
  • Design and install specular reflectors
  • Design and install high-bay, High Pressure Sodium Lighting
  • Project scope:
  • Complete Investment Grade Audit
  • Design and install new fluorescent lighting in production areas
  • Retrofit existing office areas with electronic ballasts and specular reflectors
  • Automate and control furnace operation in heat-treat department,
  • Design and install cooling water recirculation system
  • Other Clients
    Carron Asphalt
    Kroger Baking Operations
    Lakewood Manufacturing
    Voss Industries
    Copperweld Steel
    I. Schumann Recycling
    Kroger Dairy Operations
    Midland Steel Products


    Santa Cruz, California
    (6 Locations)
    Project Date: April 2001
    JC Penney
    New York and Ohio
    (9 locations)
    Project Date: August 1994
    KMart JC Penny
    Project scope:
  • Convert 2 lamp-8' to 3 lamp (4') with Specular Reflector (7 locations)
  • Retrofit 4'fixtures with T-8 lamps and ballasts lighting (2 locations)
  • Install new LED Exit Signs
  • Project scope:
  • Install motion-sensor control
  • Install new fluorescent
  • Other Clients
    Action Industries
    BP America
    Cleveland Racquet Club
    Fabricenters of America
    Household Finance
    Meyer Asset Management
    Progressive Insurance
    Speedway Gas Stations
    Anderson Grocery Stores
    Belcan Engineering
    Cleveland Plain Dealer
    Finast Supermarkets
    Harlequin Plaza
    Meijer Stores
    Riverview Terrace Offices

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