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With competing requirements for capital, attractive projects are often delayed or not done at all. When this happens the savings that would have been generated become an opportunity cost to the organization.

The alternative financing approaches offered by United Resource provide a means to install these worthwhile projects without internal capital and thus realize a portion of the savings that would have otherwise been forfeited.

Alternative Financing Approaches

  • Operating Lease - Equipment is installed with no up front payment and a monthly payment is made for a specific period. At the end of the project the equipment is purchased at fair market value
  • Shared Savings - United Resource covers all up-front costs including survey, design and complete installation; and a predetermined percentage of actual savings realized is paid by the customer for a fixed term. During the contract term maintenance expense is covered.
  • Rental - United Resource covers all project costs including survey, design and installation and the customer makes a small ongoing payment. There is no transfer of ownership or rental term.
  • Savings Financing -There is no up-front cost. The actual savings are documented each month and paid to United Resource until the project cost is covered.