URG Energy

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Lighting Services

Customers may choose any one of the services we offer, however the best customer approach is generally to engage us to provide a turn-key project.

Through the turn-key approach URG takes responsibility for all phases of the project and the customer maintains go-ahead approval control at each project step:

1. The Initial Survey

  • Review past energy conservation efforts,
  • Outline Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) planned or underway
  • Establish minimum return-on-investment requirements
  • Establish areas which have too much or too little light
  • Review any existing maintenance problem areas
  • Outline and schedule the process from walk-through to implementation
  • Verify any utility rebate opportunities
  • Review financing options

2. Preliminary Assessment

  • Complete a facility walk-through
  • Confirm hours of operation by area
  • Obtain 12 months of utility bills
  • Review replacement technologies relative to existing equipment
  • Review economics of replacement options relative to ROI requirements

3. Investment Grade Audit

  • Complete room-by-room lighting inventory
  • Measure existing light levels
  • Install occupancy monitoring equipment where appropriate
  • Evaluate existing esthetic and/or light-level concerns
  • Choose systems offering optimal performance and energy savings
  • Detail areas where custom designed fixtures may offer an opportunity

4. Project Implementation (contract initiation)

  • Complete pre construction meeting to determine contacts, schedules, security, safety, access, work hours and material staging
  • Begin installation, project tracking (via Microsoft Project) and weekly construction meetings, and periodic hazardous waste pickups

5. Project Closeout

  • Complete project punch list, final waste pickups and as-built drawings
  • Measure and verify light levels and savings
  • Provide warranty documentation