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Efficient Lighting Products

In the past decade, tremendous advances have been made in the efficiency of virtually all commercial lighting products. Today's lighting products produce better quality light, last longer and can save up to 95 percent in energy compared to lighting technologies from just ten years ago.


Electronic Ballasts
Ballasts are in all fluorescent light fixtures and are used to operate fluorescent lamps.
Electronic ballasts operate lamps at high frequency producing more light and less heat than the old core-and-coil magnetic ballasts.
Simply by changing the ballasts and installing T8 lamps you can save up to 40 percent compared to older systems.
In addition to providing higher quality light and energy savings electronic ballasts can operate 1, 2, 3, or 4 lamps instead of the maximum of 2 which old standard ballasts can operate. That means 3 and 4 lamp fixtures can operate with 1 instead of 2 ballasts, which means less ballasts are required for the efficiency conversion.

specular reflector

Reflector Retrofits
Reflector retrofit kits are made of highly specular aluminum and are made to install into existing light fixtures.
In a recessed fixture a reflector can take light that is trapped in the fixture and direct it to the workplace where it is needed.
In open strip or industrial applications reflectors can be used to take wasted light off the ceiling and direct it to where it is needed.
Fixtures with reflectors are more efficient and can often use fewer lamps than standard "white box" fixtures to produce a desired light level.

high bay

High-Efficiency High Bays
New state of the art fluorescent highbay fixtures replace 400w metal halide. The new fixtures use half the energy of the old metal halides. (Only 224watts compared to 457 watts.)
Light levels surpass metal halide after only a couple months and maintain 93% of the light throughout the life of the lamps.
Pulse Start Metal Halide
In High or Low Bay applications where Metal Halide is to be installed use of Pulse Start technology and/or Linear Reactor Ballasts (277 volt only) will save 60 and 84 watts, respectively while maintaining standard 400 watt metal halide light levels.

Warehouse and Industrial Lighting

Warehouse and Industrial Lighting
Lighting of large storage areas present unique lighting application opportunities because of the typical high ceilings, vertical illumination requirements associated with label identification and intermittent use of a wide range of areas. Recent advances in fluorescent technology coupled with occupancy control allow for conversion of the traditional mercury vapor, metal halide or high pressure sodium light sources in these areas to high efficiency, high-lumen fluorescent fixtures. These conversions result in up to 45 percent reductions in power consumption, higher levels of illumination, better visual comfort, improved color rendering, and a reduction in burn hours. The net result is a significant reduction in operating costs and improved worker productivity.


LED Exit Signs
Exit signs equipped with bright red or green LED's are brighter, more evenly illuminated and easier to read than old incandescent or compact fluorescent signs.
These signs run many coolers. The sign faces won't warp, melt or discolor. Back-up batteries fit inside the sign itself with no bulky, unattractive battery pack attached.
The LED signs are basically maintenance-free. The LED's are rated to last 25 years compared to less than 1 year for incandescent lamps.
Most importantly, these signs typically use only 2-5 watts compared to up to 40 for an incandescent sign.


Compact Fluorescents
Compact fluorescent lamps are primarily used to replace incandescent bulbs. CFL's produce four times the light and last ten times longer than standard incandescent.
Screw-in compact fluorescents are available up to 42 watts which can replace a 200 watt incandescent lamp.
Also, replacement fixtures with CFL lamps are available for virtually any application.
Energy savings of 75 percent are typical and paybacks are usually less than one year.


Occupancy Sensors
Sometimes the best way to save energy is to turn the lights off when not being used.
Occupancy sensors will do just that. If a space is unoccupied the sensor will automatically shut the lights off for you.
Sensors are available that will replace existing wall switches. These work well in private offices, lavatories and other small rooms.
Ceiling mount sensors are used to control lighting in areas as small as an office or a restroom to an area as large as a warehouse.
Anywhere a space is unoccupied and the lights can be shut off is an excellent application.

Custom Fixtures for Retail
Retail stores, with extensive lighting, higher than average energy rates, and long hours of operation are excellent candidates for an energy-efficient lighting upgrade.
However, retail energy managers typically have to work within the constraints of the stores design team and often times can not sacrifice light levels or aesthetics to save energy.
The design team at United Resource has developed custom overhead, wall-wash and display lighting fixtures for various types of retail stores, including grocery, C-stores, gas stations, specialty and big-box retailers.
We can work with your design team to develop a lighting package that will optimize energy-efficiency; improve product presentation; and enhance the look and image of your store.